Constitution REVISED JULY 21, 2019


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Article I - Name

Section 1
This organization shall be known as the “Northwest Association of Corvette Clubs”, hereinafter referred to as “NWACC”.

Article II – Purpose

Section 1
R16 The purpose of this organization shall be to assist in organizing Corvette Clubs in the Northwest; to increase participation, communication, and cooperation among member Corvette Clubs; to improve the Corvette image to the general public, to further the development and quality of Corvettes and to improve services available to Corvette owners. NWACC's goal is also to expand interest in NWACC program activities such as Auto-Crossing to other sports car owners.

Article III – Membership

Section 1
R16 A Corvette Club with a minimum of eight (8) members owning Corvettes may be entitled to privileges of membership in NWACC, after providing NWACC with copies of the club constitution, bylaws, membership roster, evidence of Incorporation, and interest in participating in Corvette enthusiast activities. An individual Corvette owner may be entitled to privileges of Member-At-Large. A member club will automatically become an associate member after missing two (2) meetings during a year (this distinction is made because associate members are not counted toward a quorum). A member club will regain its privileges after attending a regularly scheduled meeting. Membership in NWACC can be granted as a Member-At-Large to a non-Corvette owner who has an interest in the activities of NWACC.

Section 2
NWACC club representatives in attendance at a regular business meeting will determine acceptance or rejection of the prospective member-at-large or member club's application for membership.

Section 3
Annual dues amounts to include both club membership dues, Member-At-Large dues and insurance premium payments and the due dates payable for clubs and Member-At-Large shall be defined in the By-Laws.

Section 4
R16 For the purpose of determining NWACC membership and insurance premium payments due, the club membership as listed on the club roster is used. A married couple (or significant other if not married) is to be considered as two individual club members regardless of how that membership standing or classification is defined by that member club. The Insurance Chairperson of NWACC will maintain a listing of NWACC Members-At-Large for the purpose stated above.

Section 5
R12 Principal place of business of NWACC shall be the Pacific Northwest region of the United States of America.

Article IV - Termination of Membership

Section 1
Any member club or Member-At-Large may terminate membership by submitting a written resignation to the Secretary and relinquishing all NWACC properties.

Section 2
Any member club, member of a member club, or Member-At-Large may be suspended or expelled for acts unbecoming sportsman, for failure to fulfill NWACC duties, for acts detrimental to the good name of the Association or by non-payment of dues.

Section 3
Suspension or expulsion requires a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of all club representatives present at a regular business meeting provided the accused and the president or governing board of the club(s) concerned have at least two (2) weeks prior notice of the charge and hearing by having notices mailed to their last known addresses.

Article V – Privileges

Section 1
The privileges of club membership in NWACC shall include the right to representation and participation in all business meetings, competitive events, social functions, and promotional activities. Members-At-Large may participate in all business meetings, competitive events, social functions and promotional activities. Members-At-Large may elect a voting representative who will then e-mail copies of NWACC business meeting minutes to the Members-At-Large.

Article VI – Officers

Section 1
The officers of this organization shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 2
There may be no more than two (2) officers from any one member club at any given time.

Article VII - Fiscal Year

Section 1
R15 The fiscal year shall be from January 1 through December 31.

Article VIII – Salary

Section 1
No officer or representative shall receive any salary or compensation for his or her services as officer or representative of the Association.

Article IX – Liability

Section 1
All persons or corporations, or partnerships, groups or associations extending credit to, contracting with, or having any claim against the Association or the officers thereof shall look only to the funds and property of the Association for payment of any such judgment, contract, claim, debt, damage or decree or any other monies that otherwise become due or payable to them from the Association or its officers, so that neither the Association nor the officers present or future shall in any manner be personally liable therefore.

Section 2
Under no circumstances shall the Association, its property, representatives, officers or members be responsible for any debts, damages or liabilities of any kind or nature, incurred or sustained by any recognized, sanctioned or otherwise approved local association club or organization or any person acting in its name, unless said local group has obtained prior approval in writing from the NWACC Executive Board.

Article X – Indemnification

Section 1
The Executive Board shall indemnify and reimburse from the funds of the Association, each representative or officer of the Association, and his heirs, executors or administrators, for any judgment against him and for expenses necessarily incurred by him in connection with the defense or reasonable settlement of any action, suit, or proceeding to which he is made a party by reason of his being a representative or officer of the Association or by reason of his conduct as such.

Article XI – Amendment

Section 1
This Constitution may be amended at any two consecutive meetings by a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the total number of clubs present. Within thirty (30) days after approval, written notice of amendment(s) shall be mailed to all member clubs and members-at-large.